Social Development Programs

Social Programs

India, with her diverse geography and massive demographics, remains an inequitable society. Millions of people do not have access to basic utilities, effective education and adequate employment. The Foundation, in pursuit of its charitable objectives, conducts varied social development programs. We prefer to address the causes of social challenges and emphasise on catalysing progress through awareness, education, training and motivation.The Foundation conducts educational and training programs, seminars, lectures and events that are custom designed for target audiences. In some programs and events, we collaborate with institutions, groups and individuals having similar objectives.

Donations and Sponsorship

Our charitable social programs are funded by donations, grants and sponsorship. You can donate for a noble cause too… please contact us right away!

Accounts and Statutory Records

The Foundation maintains fully computerised accounting and financial records to adhere to the highest standards of transparency in accordance with applicable law. Since its very inception in 2007, the Foundation has had its statutory returns and accounts audited annually by independent audit firms.

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